Poverty is a violation of human rights.

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CWP’s Board Talks Housing!
Let’s Talk Housing! The process has begun and we are only months away from what will become Canada’s National Housing Strategy. Called for by the United Nations, anti-poverty advocates, academics, faith-based groups and many others, the strategy is long overdue and a welcome announcement. More
I’m Hopeful for Change – Let’s End Homelessness!
As CWP’s 2016 summer student I have been watching the Super InTent City case unfold very carefully. In the beginning I was hopeful – maybe this would be the stand Canada needs to push for a strong, rights-based, national housing strategy. More
Join the Movement: ChewOnThis! 2016 is Around the Corner
It’s that time of year again! The Dignity for All campaign is getting ready for our fourth annual ChewOnThis! event across the country, and we’re looking for volunteer organizers to help bring the message that #WeNeedAPlan to end poverty in Canada. More

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You are making the difference!
Let me start by saying thank you, without you Canada Without Poverty would not be here. You are what enables us to continue to create important and influential work like Dignity for All – the national anti-poverty plan, our submissions to the UN or our Economic and Social Rights Online Course. You keep our doors […] […] More
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