Poverty is a violation of human rights. We work to address the structural causes of poverty by raising awareness, educating and inspiring others to support its eradication in Canada.

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Things you will probably never hear at the CWP Office
If you ever have the opportunity to visit Canada Without Poverty’s small office in Ottawa, you will hear us talking about many things: the next Social and Economic Rights online course, the Model Federal Anti-Poverty Plan, an upcoming Blog post, what is happening with the Poverty Progress Profiles.  But there are certain things you will […] More
Where’s the Plan British Columbia and Saskatchewan?
Canada Without Poverty has long been discussing the need for a Federal Anti-Poverty Plan to address the needs of people living in poverty from coast-to-coast. But in reality provincial and municipal governments also have a responsibility to address poverty. Eleven out of thirteen provinces and territories have completed the first step in doing this by […] More
Top 10 Reasons Why Poverty must be Eliminated in Canada
At Canada Without Poverty, our goal is to eliminate poverty in Canada. With widespread systemic change, including a federal anti-poverty plan grounded in human rights principles, we believe that poverty truly can be eliminated in Canada. And poverty must be eliminated. More

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Support CWP’s Charitable Status
As you may have heard, Canada Without Poverty is one of the national charities under attack for being critical of government policy which we think has exacerbated poverty and inequality.  This is not the first time the federal government has tried to silence us.  Sign the following letter of support to protect CWP’s charitable status. […] […] More
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