Poverty is a violation of human rights.

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Can Canada lead on human rights when so many are hungry?
In a country with the 11th highest Gross Domestic Product, it can be hard for some to understand the harsh reality that people in Canada are going hungry. But over the past few weeks it seems as though people across the country have been talking a lot about access to food. More
Hill Times Op-Ed: Good on political activities panel for backing a charitable democracy
The current broken system prevents us from speaking out about bad policy, and makes it impossible to meaningfully pursue our charitable purpose. More
Who is Canada Without Poverty?
Earlier this year, we moved into a new office at the 25One Community in downtown Ottawa. More

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This is Poverty. This is Canada.
Every once in a while, the old myths about poverty will come out of the shadows. Everyone in the anti-poverty community has heard these remarks before: people on welfare are simply lazy; they just don’t try hard enough to get ahead; they exploit social programs set up to help only the deserving; people experiencing homelessness […] […] More
Add your voice to the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy!
The CPRS consultation process is underway. Now is the time to take action to create a strong national plan! […] More
Coming this Spring: CWP’s Online ES rights course!
Coming this Spring 2017: CWP’s two-week online economic and social rights course! […] More
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