Poverty is a violation of human rights. We work to address the structural causes of poverty by raising awareness, educating and inspiring others to support its eradication in Canada.

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CWP Speaks Out at the Finance Committee
As you’ve probably heard, Canada Without Poverty has been speaking out loudly about our concerns with the federal government’s attempts to restrict refugees from social assistance, first through a Private Member’s Bill and now through the Omnibus Budget Bill. This week, the Omnibus Budget Bill is speeding through study by committee. Today, CWP spoke out […] More
Young Canadians Struggling: Will Income Splitting Help?
What is income splitting? How will it affect young Canadians struggling to make ends meet? Recently, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced an income splitting plan which he promised would invest more money in the generation of Canadians who are raising children. The government has suggested that income splitting will ultimately increase the money that families […] More
Budget Bill Targets Refugees at their Most Vulnerable
For Immediate Release National/Regional/Local October 28, 2014 – Canada without Poverty and the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) today expressed their deep dismay at provisions in Bill C-43, the omnibus budget bill that could lead to newly arrived refugees being deprived of social assistance. “I’m thinking of the pregnant women and the mothers with small […] More

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Economic and social rights guarantee social and economic security for all individuals. They include rights such as: the right to adequate food, clothing and housing, the right to the highest attainable standard of health, the right to education, the right to social security, the right to freely chosen work and the right to decent working […] […] More
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