Finance Committee Begins Income Inequality Study


Two weeks ago CWP made a submission to the federal finance committee in preparation for their three-day study of income inequality, which began on April 16th.  We made a number of recommendations including establishing national strategies on poverty, housing/homelessness and food; setting national wage standards to keep people above the poverty line, promoting live wage policies and creating a more progressive tax system.

Inequality in Canada is on the rise, and what the research tells us is that this is not only bad for those at the bottom of the spectrum, but that it also hurts society as a whole.  The data also shows that inequality has concentrated money in the hands of the very few, while middle and low-income earners have actually lost ground.  Meanwhile costs of living are going up and the federal government speaks of austerity measures.  It doesn’t seem to add up.

Now, civil society has had the chance to give input and parliamentarians are paying attention.  Have a look at CWP’s submission to the finance committee to gain greater insight on what is happening in Canada and how inequality and poverty relate.

You may also want to watch a speech  made by CWP’s Executive Director on inequality. Leilani Farha presented to the Sheldon Chumir Foundation on the income gap and the economy this past February 20th.  Her speech was titled, “Selfish or Social? From the Me, Myself and iEconomy to the usEconomy – the Human Rights Way”. 

Occupy made the world pay attention to inequality.  Research and testimonials tell us why it matters.  Now the question is – what is the government going to do about it?

The study will continue later this month on April 25th and 30th.