Inequality: What the Fed Finance Committee should know


This month the federal Finance Committee is set to study income inequality over a three-day period: April 16, 25 and 30th.  This is following the successful passage of Liberal MP Scott Brison’s motion M-315 which was introduced in June, 2012. Inequality is an important topic and intertwines with poverty.  Thanks to the work of various organizations, including the Equality Trust, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Conference Board of Canada and the Broadbent Institute, and public protests such as the Occupy Movement, the detrimental impacts of inequality are now public knowledge.

While the study was only slated for one day of review originally, the committee clearly heard the voice of the public calling for more time and added two extra days.

In preparation for the review this month, the Committee also had an open call for submissions on income inequality. This public consultation process was welcome, and Canada Without Poverty joined the collection of voices speaking out about the effects inequality has on individuals, families and society as a whole and made a submission as well.  Our core recommendations are around:

  • National poverty/housing/food security strategies
  • The role human rights play in addressing inequality
  • Higher wage standards and living wage policies
  • Better welfare benefits
  • Developing a progressive tax system

To read our submission in full click here.