Coming this Spring: CWP’s Online ES rights course!


Coming this Spring 2017: CWP’s two-week online economic and social rights course!

What do economic and social rights have to do with Canada? What have the United Nations and courts said about poverty as a violation of human rights in Canada? What does all of this mean for provinces and territories like British Columbia?

Our online course offers the opportunity for people all across Canada to learn and discuss the answers to these questions. This Spring 2017 join experts in the field of economic and social rights in discussions about what rights mean for poverty in Canada!

What have participants said about CWP’s online courses?

“I will do more advocating and have more interest in improving food, shelter resources, be more supportive to aboriginal women and also be more aware of the rights as a human being, especially experiencing low-income. This information was an eye-opener!” – Aline

“Until this course, I have never really considered adequate housing, standard of living, food and education under a human rights framework. This course helped put my thoughts into words. I feel enlightened, but at the same time discouraged, with our government’s involvement and performance under human rights laws.” – Angela

“I really enjoyed the discussions.  I got a lot of information from them, both personally and politically…It was so interesting to get all kinds of different information from around the country.”

“It really inspired me to know that I am not alone in this battle.  I will be using the framework to base my leadership on.”

To join the wait list for the Spring 2017 online course email Michèle at michele[at]