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CWP Submission to the CPRS Consultation


Canada Without Poverty has submitted a report to the consultation process for the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy, highlighting a key feature of a human rights approach – the inclusion of first voices who have experienced poverty.

In order to hear directly from those experiencing poverty, CWP initiated our #ThisisPoverty and #Voicilapauvrete campaigns, where we asked those with lived experience of poverty to film short videos or draft a written description of their recommendations to the federal government. People with lived experience of poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity in communities across Canada shared their views on what the government needs to know about poverty before creating a national plan. Here’s a sneak peek of what we heard:

“Poverty has impacted my life by having to give up my son to my parents for custody, having to live off the streets, to struggle to get into affordable housing and deal with a system that degrades you as a human being.”
– Amber

“My voice matters because I wasn’t born in poverty, but I learned a lot from I guess middle-class values about poverty. And then when I became impoverished, I internalized that – so I was dumb and lazy and all these things. Only I’m not…I don’t think anyone can tell my story properly. So I need to tell it.” – Tracy Ray

“They [the government] need to come to the people at the poverty level. They need to come and see us at the poverty level. Not the poverty people come to you. You’re not going to learn that way.”
– Jack

To read CWP’s submission, click on the image below.