Dignity for All

Poverty is a violation of human rights and yet it is present in every community across Canada.

Having initially conceived the idea in the summer of 2008, Canada Without Poverty is a campaign co-lead — along with partner organization Citizens for Public Justice — of this significant movement calling for vigorous and sustained action by the federal government to combat the structural causes of poverty in Canada. Over the last 5 years, the Campaign has consulted with over 600 organizations and groups across the country, garnering support from over 15,000 individuals who believe that Canada needs to address the complex issue of poverty.  Dignity for All is a signature initiative for Canada Without Poverty.

The campaign has three high-level “wants”:

  • “Want” 1: A federal plan for poverty elimination integrated with provincial and territorial plans;
  • “Want” 2: A federal anti-poverty Act that ensures enduring federal commitment and accountability for results; and
  • “Want” 3: Sufficient federal investment in social security for all Canadians, “social security” being an umbrella economic and social right under international human rights declarations and treaties to which Canada is signatory.

In early 2015, the Dignity for All Campaign took a huge step towards achieving “Want” 1; Dignity for All: A National Anti-Poverty Plan was launched to address the needs of the one in seven Canadians who live in poverty.There are six major domains of the Plan: income security; housing and homelessness; health; food security; early childhood education and care; jobs and employment. Each of these domains addresses a key issue with regards to ending poverty.

To accompany the release of the National Anti-Poverty Plan, Canada Without Poverty and Citizens for Public Justice have begun a series of in-person workshops across the country throughout spring and summer 2015. The workshops are designed to enable participants to reflect on poverty in their communities, learn more about poverty in Canada and Dignity for All’s model anti-poverty plan, and build skills and strategies for action on local and national levels. By taking the plan from coast-to-coast-to-coast, we will be working with communities to develop tools to tell policy makers in their communities that #WeNeedAPlan and #WeHaveAPlan.

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