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Engage Ottawa: Take Note hits Carleton Campus
*By CWP Intern Emily Shoff Poverty:  a black hole, an empty fridge, a lack of opportunity, inequality.  On Tuesday, March 27th Carleton students mapped out poverty with post-its at the Take Note event.  An outline of Canada rapidly filled into a colourful mosaic of post-its all responding to this central issue.  One by one, students […]
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Engage Ottawa: The Face of Poverty
*By CWP Intern Emily Shoff Poverty is a complex issue.  There is not one particular ‘type’ of person or population who experiences the struggles of low-income.  During my internship at Canada Without Poverty, a central point I have come to understand is that while homelessness is one part of the entire picture, it remains the […]
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A Supportive Environment For Women
** By Carleton University Intern Emily Shoff Happy International Women’s Day!  It is a day that represents pride, independence, strength, history and growth.  It is a day in which women and men reflect on how far women have come and what is yet to undertake on this journey.  To celebrate this day, I thought I […]
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New Immigrants Endeavour to Find Full Employment
Imagine yourself moving to another country.  Packing up and travelling a far distance to an unfamiliar country in hopes of a better life while accustoming to a new culture, language and neighbourhood.  It is a life altering experience. For those immigrating to Ottawa, an organization by the name of Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) […]
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Engage Ottawa: The struggle against hunger
Meal planning and preparation can be an arduous task and for thousands in the Ottawa area an additional question is added to the equation: Do I have enough money to buy food?  More than 720 individuals and families turn to the Centretown Emergency Food Centre (CEFC) each month in means of answering this question. Based […]
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Engage Ottawa: Going beneath the surface of poverty
*Intern Emily Shoff “Engage’s Ottawa” on poverty issues The journey has begun.  Phase 1: start to rid the stereotypes associated with poverty and understand why they exist.  The Salvation Army (SA), an organization dedicated to assisting vulnerable individuals and families, will help us with this task. What does a home provide?  A sense of security, […]
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