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HP Blog: Fair Elections Act Could Hurt Homeless Voters
*CWPs blog on the Huffington Post Canada website re-posted At the heart of democracy is the right to choose our government by casting a ballot. From the establishment of our political process in Canada, to the fight for the right of women and Aboriginal peoples to vote, participation in the political system is entrenched in […]
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HP Blog: Time for action to end child poverty
Campaign 2000 released their annual child poverty report card yesterday with updates both nationally and in various regions across the country.  To  help raise awareness, we posted a blog on the Huffington Post Canada website and shared some of the dismal findings: “When promises made by politicians don’t materialize it is clear that words on […]
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HP Blog: Homelessness in a Land of Plenty
A new blog was posted by CWP on the Huffington Post Canada website today in support of federal leadership on housing.  Canada has thousands of people homeless and estimates that millions are housing insecure.  We believe all levels of government have a role to play in addressing this housing crisis. Here is an excerpt of […]
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Huffington Post: Canada Needs a Poverty Plan
October was a month that focused on poverty issues, from the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on the 17th, to reports by Citizens for Public Justice and Food Banks Canada that highlighted the need to address poverty in Canada.  In an effort to raise awareness of the almost 900,000 people in Canada using […]
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Huffington Post: Premiers should discuss EI changes
In advance of the meeting of the Council of the Federation this week (the annual meeting of the 13 premiers from all provinces and territories), Canada Without Poverty blogged on the Huffington Post about the effects Employment Insurance changes will have on the Atlantic Provinces and why this should be a topic of discussion.  The […]
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HP Blog: Parliamentarians Want Action on Poverty
Today Canada Without Poverty posted a blog on the Huffington Post Canada website celebrating the launch of the federal all-party anti-poverty caucus. Here is an excerpt: “Partisan politics are to be set aside in the new All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus as Senator Eggleton (Liberal) is joined by co-chairs the Hon. Michael Chong, Conservative MP, and Jean […]
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