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Huffington Post: Food is a Right
We talk about the right to free speech and we challenge racial discrimination, but we don’t often speak of economic and social rights or challenge the loss of dignity.  It is high time this conversation took flight in Canada. Last week the UN Rapporteur on the Right to Food landed in Ontario and Food Bank […]
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Huffington Post: Canada’s Poor Have Just Become Poorer
Campaign 2000 and Canada Without Poverty honor the work of the National Council of Welfare and further comment on its unnecessary closure on the Huffington Post Canada website.  Here is an excerpt of the blog: “The shock of the 2012 federal budget is just setting in, but the repercussions will be felt for years to […]
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Federal budget “misses the mark”
CWP responds to the federal budget released yesterday with a new blog on the Huffington Post Canada website.  The increase in the age of eligibility for Old Age Security (from 65 to 67), cuts in funding to federal agencies, and thousands of jobs lost demonstrate that this government is not focused on the priorities of […]
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Huffington Post: Inequality exists, now what?
*The following is an excerpt from a blog posted on the Huffington Post this week.  CWP Executive Director Rob Rainer writes about the presence of inequality in Canada and challenges Canadians to move forward asking ‘now what?’ Spiked by public attention to the Occupy phenomenon, 2011 was the year in which the issue of income […]
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Poverty costs the healthcare system
Today marks the second day of tough talks between the federal government the provincial/territorial premiers over the renewal of the Canada health and social transfers (CHT & CST).  The debate has mainly centered around the amount of money each province will receive and the surprise announcement from the federal government last December that health transfer […]
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CWP now a regular contributor on the Huffington Post
Canada Without Poverty is happy to announce that we now have a regular blog on the Huffington Post Canada website.  Executive Director Rob Rainer, and Director of Education & Outreach, Megan Yarema, will offer insight on, and responses to, poverty related issues and current news.  The first blog was posted last week on the housing […]
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