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CWP Speaks Out Against the Federal Elections Act on the Hill
Yesterday, CWP’s Executive Director, Leilani Farha, spoke at the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (PROC) on Parliament Hill against the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23).  In defence of the right to vote, and in protecting the interest of the most marginalized in our society, CWP has taken a stand against this Bill and […]
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Federal Inequality Report & Welfare 2012 Update
Two reports were released this week that deserve attention. The Caledon Institute released their national snapshot of welfare incomes, and the federal Finance Committee released the results of their study on income inequality.  Short overviews of both are below: Welfare in Canada 2012 Diving into the void left by the closure of the National Council […]
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Finance Committee Begins Income Inequality Study
Two weeks ago CWP made a submission to the federal finance committee in preparation for their three-day study of income inequality, which began on April 16th.  We made a number of recommendations including establishing national strategies on poverty, housing/homelessness and food; setting national wage standards to keep people above the poverty line, promoting live wage […]
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Inequality: What the Fed Finance Committee should know
This month the federal Finance Committee is set to study income inequality over a three-day period: April 16, 25 and 30th.  This is following the successful passage of Liberal MP Scott Brison’s motion M-315 which was introduced in June, 2012. Inequality is an important topic and intertwines with poverty.  Thanks to the work of various […]
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C-400 is defeated, but the need for housing continues
Last night, after much effort and support, Bill C-400 for a national housing strategy was defeated by a vote of 153 to 129.  To read the hansard from last night and see which MPs voted in favour click here. Many people across Canada stepped up to support this bill.  Its defeat last night was a […]
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The TRUTH about Bill C-400
On behalf of the Conservative government, Tony Clement has spoken out against C-400 calling it a “dangerous new NDP spending scheme” for more social housing. This is a completely false characterization of Bill C-400. Let’s be very clear: 1)      Bill C-400 is NOT a money bill. 2)      It does NOT call for a new social […]
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