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150 Years of Colonialism and Poverty
This blog is the second installment in our series for Canada 150 through a poverty and human rights lens.
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Canada 150 & Youth: What is it we’re celebrating?
This blog is the first installment in our series for Canada 150 through a poverty and human rights lens.  There is no escaping the fact that Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation is less than a month away, especially here in the country’s capital.
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Human rights are not a zero sum game
As the country gears up for Canada 150 celebrations this summer, much of the focus has been on celebrations of Canada’s achievements – but the data on poverty shows there is a long way to go.
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A Dial-up Connection to the Most Marginalized in Nunavut
The consultation process for Canada’s upcoming Poverty Reduction Strategy (CPRS) is ramping up, with a number of opportunities for people across Canada to participate in the process online. People from coast-to-coast-to-coast have been invited to fill out an online survey or send their questions to the upcoming online Facebook town hall. Outside of the government, […]
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Can we lead on human rights when so many are hungry?
In a country with the 11th highest Gross Domestic Product, it can be hard for some to understand the harsh reality that people in Canada are going hungry. But over the past few weeks it seems as though people across the country have been talking a lot about access to food.
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Hill Times Op-Ed: Good on political activities panel for backing a charitable democracy
The current broken system prevents us from speaking out about bad policy, and makes it impossible to meaningfully pursue our charitable purpose.
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