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Housing Crisis for Low-Income Families in Toronto
University of Toronto researchers released a report yesterday pointing to the desperate situation many low-income families are facing in Toronto.  The report entitled “Nowhere Else to Go: Inadequate Housing & Risk of Homelessness Among Families in Toronto’s Aging Rental Buildings” is written by Emily Paradis, Ruth Marie Wilson & Jennifer Logan and highlights a homelessness crisis […]
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Poverty Costs: the right thing to do is the smart thing to do
By Chuk Plante and Rachel Malena of Upstream, c/o the Poverty Costs Team Researchers with the Saskatchewan-based campaign Poverty Costs have found that poverty is costing the province of Saskatchewan as much as $3.8 billion a year in heightened service costs and missed opportunities. These costs are significant – amounting to almost $4,000 per person […]
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New Report Shows 4 million People Food Insecure
Yesterday the research group PROOF (part of the Canadian Institute of Health Research)  released an updated report on household food insecurity in Canada. Looking at 2012 data the numbers show an increase in food security in the country: 4 million people report some level of being food insecure including 1.15 million children. The numbers show […]
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Food Banks Report Calls for Systemic Change
Yesterday marked an annual event in the Food Banks Canada calendar – the release of their annual Hunger Count report.  Pulling in data from their network of 3,000 food centres, the numbers are an example that the recession has not abated for many living in low-income, and thousands who are in need of food. This […]
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A poverty plan in Alberta will save the government billions
Alberta’s provincial government is facing a choice: spend billions to maintain poverty, or address the issue head on and save billions.  The answer is not only simple, but it is supported by similar reports on the costs of poverty that have been developed in other provinces: develop a poverty strategy, save billions and create a […]
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The Cost of Poverty in BC
Funding for social services and assistance has consistently been cut in recent years, and it is not only to the detriment of individuals with low income, but to society as a whole.  A new study titled The Cost of Poverty in BC, co-published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Public Health Association of […]
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