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You are making the difference!
Let me start by saying thank you, without you Canada Without Poverty would not be here. You are what enables us to continue to create important and influential work like Dignity for All – the national anti-poverty plan, our submissions to the UN or our Economic and Social Rights Online Course. You keep our doors […]
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Housing rights are women’s rights
*Speech made by ED Leilani Farha Thursday, June 13th accepting the Barbra Schlifer award in Toronto. Of course it’s not really the pages I’ve published, the UN halls I’ve walked, or the meetings I’ve attended that landed me here tonight.  This may sound like a cliché, but I know that I am here standing on […]
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A living wage: incomes that reflect actual costs of living
Five years ago the city of Vancouver was introduced to a harsh reality – income details of what a family of four would need to make in order to be above the poverty line.  Sounds simple enough, but this calculation shed light on two of the city’s biggest expenses – housing and childcare – and […]
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Time for a Poverty Prevention Strategy
How do you prevent youth, living in poor disadvantaged communities, from resorting to desperate acts to help them feel a sense of worth and social inclusion?  By investing in community security and policing initiatives or into their lives, futures, and the community infrastructure around them? Of course, ensuring their security is important, however protecting someone […]
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A Supportive Environment For Women
** By Carleton University Intern Emily Shoff Happy International Women’s Day!  It is a day that represents pride, independence, strength, history and growth.  It is a day in which women and men reflect on how far women have come and what is yet to undertake on this journey.  To celebrate this day, I thought I […]
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In the News: The Crisis of Poverty in Canada
In the past week two key stories stand out and demand attention.  First, there has been significant attention paid to a housing crisis in Attawapiskat – a Cree First Nations community in northern Ontario.  Mouldy, dilapidated housing with no electricity or sanitation systems were a shocking find by NDP MP Charlie Angus when he visited […]
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