Poverty is a violation of human rights.

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Slowing down the predatory lending cycle
The stories are common enough: someone in Canada faces an insurmountable expense– their car breaks down or a massive credit card bill comes due – but as someone barely making ends meet each month, they don’t have the financial reserves to cope. More
Poverty News Roundup – Changes for 2018
The first day of 2018 brought the start of a new year – and with it, the implementation of a number of new laws and policies across provinces in Canada that will impact workers, families, businesses, and people living in low-income. More
Spotlight on Poverty: K Brookland
“It’s up to us, the poor people, to help make governments aware of the problems relating to poverty. We may not succeed, but we have to at the very least try.” – K Brookland, CWP Board Member for New Brunswick More