Welfare Incomes 2009


As the National Council of Welfare has done since 1986, we look at the situation of four family types: a lone parent with a 2-year-old child, a couple with two children aged 10 and 15, a single person considered employable and a single person with a disability. Chapters 2 to 5 focus on each family type, comparing their welfare incomes over time and gauging their adequacy using two low-income measures—low income cut-offs and the market Basket measure—as well as average and median incomes. Chapter 6 looks at liquid asset provisions. Earnings exemption provisions are the subject of chapter 7, where we also look at the potential impact of the federal working income tax benefit (WITB) on welfare households with earnings. the appendices contain updates of the main statistical tables that appeared in earlier editions of Welfare incomes

Publication date: 
Jun 2010
National Council of Welfare
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