Working for a Living, Not Living for Work: The Halifax and Antigonish Living Wages for 2016


This study uses the Canadian Living Wage Framework to update the living wage in Halifax (first calculated in June 2015), and provides a much-needed calculation of the living wage for Antigonish, a rural community in Nova Scotia. The study finds that two working parents with two children need to each earn a minimum of $19.17 an hour to make ends meet in Halifax, and $17.30 an hour in Antigonish.

The living wage is an important benchmark because it is evidence-based and locally-tested; and paying a living wage has been proven to increase productivity, decrease turnover, and allow workers to fully contribute, in the workplace and beyond. This is the first time a living wage calculation has been done for Antigonish, and it highlights the need to better understand the challenges of working for low incomes in a rural setting.

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Publication date: 
Jan 2017
Christine Saulnier, Christine Johnson and Mary-Dan Johnston
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Nova Scotia Office
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