Working for a Living Wage 2013: Making Paid Work Meet Basic Family Needs in Metro Vancouver


In 2008, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition and Victoria’s Community Social Planning Council published the inaugural report Working for a Living Wage. That report calculated that the living wage for families was $16.74/hour in Metro Vancouver, and $16.39/hour in Metro Victoria. That full report, detailing the principles, rationale, methodology, data sources, and business case for the living wage calculation can be found at Since then, however, daily living costs for families have continued to rise and changes have occurred to government taxes and transfers. And so this short report updates our calculation, providing the 2014 living wage for Metro Vancouver––now $20.10/hour. 

Publication date: 
May 2013
Iglika Ivanova, Seth Klein
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
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