Speeches and Presentations

Canada Without Poverty works to educate Canadians about the connections between poverty and human rights through seminars, presentations and keynote speeches by CWP’s Executive Director, Leilani Farha.

CWP is always willing to explore new locations for presentations, seminars and workshops so that we can continue to spread the word about human rights. For example, in March 2015 Ms. Farha was invited to deliver the keynote speech at the annual conference of the Alberta College of Social Workers in Calgary. The speech was entitled “Connect, Connect, Connect!” and was centred around the importance of building communities through human relationships and connecting with each other in the face of obstacles.

Ms. Farha used the themes of connectivity and community to speak about the systemic causes of socio-economic issues such as poverty, which is especially important to CWP and social workers alike. In her own words, Ms. Farha summarized why she cares about these issues:

“What we are trying to change and challenge is bigger than any one of us. Connectivity when used strategically, when supported by more traditional activities, when informed by shared values, and used to reach a shared goal can be incredibly powerful. It CAN be used to build community. In other words, connectivity can help us connect – to each other – and for change.”

If you’re interested in hosting a seminar, presentation or keynote speech by CWP at a conference or other event please contact Laura at laura[at]cwp-csp.ca.